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In private practice in Toronto since 1987, Olena works with people dealing with pain and neurological difficulties, as well as dancers, musicians, athletes, people with "poor posture" and those looking to enhance any aspect of professional or personal life which required improving or rehabilitating movements.

In addition to working in individual Functional Integration sessions, Olena leads workshops for movement professionals, for the public and for Feldenkrais practitioners in North America and Europe. She teaches in Professional Training Programs in Toronto, the U.S. and Europe.

Olena brings to the work her extensive background in anatomy, kinesiology, movement studies and dance. In the early 80's the Feldenkrais Method served as her means of recovery from back injury. From that start, she had continued to find the method invaluable as an ongoing transformational process.

"Olena has a great depth of knowledge and instinct, and I found my sessions with her a revelation--it is not too strong a word. The sense of freedom in ribs, back, shoulders and chest was truly astonishing. I wish I lived nearer to Toronto to have more frequent lessons."

-Patricia Morris, flautist BBC Symphony Orchestra London, England
Professor, Royal Academy of Music